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Squash, played in an enclosed court like the one over, has been found to be the healthiest sport by a Forbes Magazine study.


The server stands in either of the two service boxes and hits the ball off the front wall. The ball must hit the front wall between the service line and the out of court line, it must then rebound and land in the back opposite quarter of the court. The ball is then 'in play' and the rally continues provided the ball hits the front wall above the 'tin'' and below the out of court line.


If you win the rally (where you play a ball that your opponent is unable to return correctly) you score a point and the player who reaches 11 first wins a game.  A match is usually the best of five games.  You must win a game by 2 points, for example 11/9 or 11/7 or so on.  Where players reach 10-10 they continnue to play until one of them wins by 2 points, for example 17/15.

Squash Court.

Health and Safety:
As with all sports if you have any reason to doubt your health please consult your doctor before playing squash. If you have an injury, think before you play as you may aggravate the injury. Ensure that you stretch properly before playing, this is called the 'warm up' and also stretch after your game, the 'cool down'. Approved eyeguards are strongly recommended. In tournaments held under the of Irish Squash, it is compulsory for juniour players to wear approved eyeguards.

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